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because of that black girl, for this black girl.


A couple of days ago I learned that a 22 year old black woman named Karyn Washington had ended her young life. I didn’t know Karyn, or her presence on social media, although I am truly impressed by what I am beginning to learn about her life and work. Last night as I was reading about her work…

RIP Karyn

This is for other brown girls just like me… I won’t share my story… But most of it’s quite the same… I choose to cover my story up because of the eyes and the shame. Admittance of this fact just let me know that one day I will be able to share my tale. Not today though. Today I share my successes. If you knew what is been through… You’d be proud of me too.

Love #thislittlebrowngirl may be help others like us to keep suicide out of site and out of mind…

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